Figure and Ground and the Coexistence of Opposites

Today in class we’re thinking about layers of imagery, figure and ground, and how the eye naturally searches for the underlying context, the integrative wholeness underlying everything, and I thought we’d look at these sites:

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In addition to teaching digital media at M.U.M., I'm a Web designer, graphic designer, 3-D animator, and graphics software engineer. I'm the co-author of eleven books on popular software applications.
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3 Responses to Figure and Ground and the Coexistence of Opposites

  1. dara says:

    These sites are really interesting. Makes me wish I could take the class. We have many ways to enliven and enlighten a site; I wish we could bring this technology more into our class websites. Any chance?

  2. Mark Hobbs says:


    I came across this post today and wanted to thank you for talking about my site in your class. I hope it a good critique…

    Anyway, thanks.


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