For my new class in Web Design

I’m starting a new class in Web Design and Web Animation today. Here are some Web sites we’ll explore to find examples of excellent Web design:
w3c sitesstyle vaultwebby awards6 revisions

And here are some free tools I like for writing HTML and CSS:
Quanta Plus, for Mac and GNU/Linux
Quanta Plus
Aptana, for Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux

Chrome Developer Tools, built into Google Chrome
google chrome
Firebug, Web Developer, and Unplug Add-ons for Firefox
firebug web developer unplug add-ons
Notepad ++, for Windows

About Gurdy Leete

In addition to teaching digital media at M.U.M., I'm a Web designer, graphic designer, 3-D animator, and graphics software engineer. I'm the co-author of eleven books on popular software applications.
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