Images, Copyright and Fair Use on the Web

Today in class we’re going to think about images, copyrights, fair use, and free software. Here are some links that I’ve found useful in that realm. I put them on our class wiki too.

Free Images

pd photo open clipart creative commons every stock photo uncle sam's public domain images wiki

10 Myths About Copyright

10 copyright myths

More on Copyright

more on copyright

Copyright and Fair Use

copyright & fair use

Free Software for Creative Media (a blog by Gurdy)

gurdy's blog free software

Free Font Sites

font squirrel moveable type da font

Free Texts, Images, Music, Etc.

mus open archive free music wiki ibibliodmoz

Free Web Design Templates

oswd open web design

Free Software

directory open disc open source mac open source windows

Free Software Philosophy

gnu sharism

About Gurdy Leete

In addition to teaching digital media at M.U.M., I'm a Web designer, graphic designer, 3-D animator, and graphics software engineer. I'm the co-author of eleven books on popular software applications.
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