In addition to teaching in the Media & Communications Department at M.U.M., I’m a Web designer, graphic designer, 3-D animator, filmmaker, writer, and graphics software engineer. I’m the co-author of eleven books on popular software applications, and my books have been translated into Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish. I love art, film, architecture, music, mathematicscomputer science, literature, sequential art, and Web design.  I’m a fan of the Free Software movement, Trisquel GNU/Linux, and the computer languages Forth and Lisp, and I have a blog on Free Software for Creative Media at peaceloveandhappiness.org and a micro-blog on many subjects at identi.ca/gurdy. I’m also a fan of the faculty of our Department of Media & Communications.

I’m a native of San Francisco. My grandfather was a San Francisco architect. My father was an advertising executive, writer, publisher, commercial artist, and entrepreneur. I learned Transcendental Meditation at the age of 17 in Berkeley. I have B.F.A. and M.F.A. degrees in Filmmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute. I moved to Fairfield, Iowa, shortly after attending an assembly of 8,000 meditators at M.U.M. in 1984. Before joining faculty I worked as a 3-D animator on the Maharishi Veda Land project under the direction of Doug Henning and Maharishi. I live on campus with my wife and two children in a house that we designed according to principles of Maharishi Vastu architecture.
—Gurdy Leete

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